General Conditions of Sale


The supply and selling of products on our site are regulated by the General Conditions of Sale: the products purchased on  are directly sold by Greencat SrL. Greencat SrL. is registered in the Registry of Business of Milano. IT 08560250964. Legal residence: Greencat SrL. - Via Cava Trombetta, 37 - 20090 Segrate (Mi).

Remember that you can always contact Greencat SrL. by email: For any other legal information please consult the sections: General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Right of Withdrawal.


1.Our company policy

1.1 These General Conditions of Sale regulate only supply, forwarding and acceptance of selling-orders of products on

1.2 However the General Conditions of Sale don’t regulate any services or the selling of products by other subjects other than Greencat SrL, in case of being present on by link, banner or otherwise. We advise you, before sending orders and purchasing products and services by subjects diverse from Greencat SrL, to verify their sales conditions, because Greencat SrL. is not responsible for services of third parties diverse from Greencat SrL. or for the termination of e-commerce operations between the users of Greencat SrL and third parties.


2.How to make an agreement with Greencat SrL.

2.1 To make a purchase  agreement for one or more products on, you have to fill in the electronic order form and mail it to Greencat SrL, by email, following the related instructions.

2.2 The order form contains a summary of all the essential characteristics of each ordered product and its price (including all the taxes and other costs), the payment methods to be followed to buy a product and  the delivery terms of the purchased products , and the shipping an delivery prices.

2.3 The agreement is made when Greencat SrL receives, by email, your order form, and only after checking all the details of your order.

2.4 The order form will be filed at our database for the time necessary for handling the orders and in terms of law.

2.5 Check and correct all the filled in details before going on with the transmission of your order form.

2.6 When you have made the contract with us, Greencat SrL will take charge of your purchase agreement.

2.7 Greencat SrL can decide not to carry out your order if there exists no sufficient solvency garanty or when the order form is not complete or not correct, or in case of unavailability of products. In these cases we will let you know via email that the contract is not made and that Greencat SrL has not executed your order by specifying the arguments.

2.8 When the products, presented on, are unavaible or being sold at the moment that you enter the site or while sending your order form, Greencat SrL will communicate you promptly and in each case within thirty (30) days from the following day, to inform you about the contingent unavailability of the ordered products.

2.9 In case of sending on of the order form plus payment, Greencat SrL will refund the money alread paid by you. With the transmission of the order form, you accept unconditionally the General Conditions of Sale. If you don’t agree with these terms written down in the General Conditions of Sale, we kindly invite you not to send the order form for the purchase of products from Greencat SrL

2.10 By sending the order form you conferm that you have read and accepted the General Conditions of Sale and any further information on, also by other links, including the General Conditions of Use  and the Privacy Policy.

2.11 When the purchase agreement is made, Greencat SrL wil send you, via email, a purchase receipt containing all the information yet included in the order form (information about the product and details about prices, payment  and delivery costs).


3.Warranty and price indications of the products

3.1 On exclusively first quality products are offered. These products are produced directly by Greencat SrL or selected accurately. Greencat SrL won’t sell used (second hand) or irregular products or items of inferior quality, compaired with corresponding standards offered on the market.

3.2 The outstanding features of the products are presented on within each product file. The pictures are just meant to illustrate the products.

3.3 Verify the final selling-price of the product before sending the order form. In case of using the right of annulment, Greencat SrL has the option not to accept the restitution of the products if the original packing material is missing or when the products have been altered essentially and qualitatively, or when they are damaged.



4.1 For the payment of the product price and of the relative costs of delivery, you can follow one of the procedures indicated on the order form.

4.2 In case of payment by creditcard, the financial information will be sent, via encrypted register, to banks, which supply the related remote electronic payment services without the possibility for third parties to have access to it, with complete respect of privacy.

4.3 The total costs, including delivery costs as indicated on the order form, will be charged on your bank account from the moment of shipping of the purchased products.

5.Shipment and delivery of products

5.1 For being informed about the specific ways of shipping and delivery of the products, enter the ‘Customer Service’ section. Please pay attention to what is quoted in this section as the included indications  are a completing and substantial part of the present General Conditions of Sale, and therefore we retain that you know these terms fully and that you accept those indications at the moment of mailing the order form.


6.Client Service

6.1 For any information, explanation or complaint/claim you can contact us via our site

7.Right of Withdrawal

7.1 You have the right to terminate a contract concluded with the seller, without sanctions and without specifying any reason, within ten (10) working days, starting from the day that the products purchased from Greencat SrL are received. However it’s not possible to substitute the chosen product for another product.

7.2 In this case you have to send back the products to the seller by courier, within ten (10) working days form the moment you received the product.

7.3 For the restitution of the goods, the client has to take action by using a courier of his choice, while the client will be fully responsible for any loss or damage concerning the products during the transport.

7.4 The right of withdrawal include, beside respecting the terms named under point 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, the correct practice of the following conditions:

- the return request must be sent to the seller within ten (10) working days from the moment of receiving the product;

- the product must be sent back in its original package;

- the returning products must be sent back in one and only shipment;

- the products must be delivered at the courier within ten (10) working days from the moment you received the product.

7.5 When the Right of Withdrawal is exercised as written in the terms in this paragraph, the seller will refund the payments for the purchase of products already made according to the expected terms.

7.6 The sum will be refunded as soon as possible and, in each case within thirty (30) days from the date the seller has been informed about the exercise of the right of withdrawal, we still activate the refund procedure only then, when all the terms and conditions described above are executed correctly.

7.7 In case of not respecting the ways and terms for executing the right of withdrawal, as specified in this paragraph, one has no right to get back the refund of the sum already paid to the seller; however you can regain (at your expense) the product in the same condition as it was sent back to the seller. Otherwise, the seller can keep the products, apart from the payments already made for the purchase of these products.




8.1 Information about the way we treat your personal dates can be found in the Privacy Policy.

9.Applicable law and solutions in case of disagreement

9.1 The General Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law and in particular by legislative decree 6 settembre 2005 n.206 on the subject of distance contracts and by legislative decree 9 aprile 2003 n.70 on certain aspects concerning  e-commerce.

9.2 In case of disagreement between Greencat SrL and any consumer/user/client, rising from the General Conditions of Sale, the court of Milano will be in charge.

10.Modification and update

10.1 The General Conditions of Sale will be modified each time, also considering possible regulatory alteration. The new General Conditions of Sale will be operative from the date of publication on

11.Legal Privacy Protection

Informativa art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003 – integration of notices are present on the site

Holder of the treatments

The holder of the treatment of the information collected via this site is, with legal head office in Italy, Greencat SrL  who decides independently on the objective and manners of treatment, as well as on the security procedure to be applied to garanty the privacy, integrity and availability of the data.

Communication of personal data

Communicating your personal data to Greencat SrL when requested in any of the many instances where personal data is collected through the site may be essential in order to achieve the purposes set down by the communication itself, or not prejudicial in this regard.

The compulsory or optional nature of the data provision is specified each time – with reference to the specific data requested – at the point of input for each data collection, by marking compulsory information with an asterisk (*).

If you refuse to communicate the information marked as compulsory to Greencat SrL, it will be impossible to achieve the main purpose of the specific data collection, for example it might became impossible for Greencat SrL to fulfill the product sale agreement on or provide the other services available on our site.

Communicating additional data to Greencat SrL other than those marked as compulsory is optional and will not produce any consequences with regard to the main purposes of the collection (such as using the web site and its services or purchasing products).

Your rights

You always have the right to receive from Greencat SrL the confermation of the treatment of personal data concerning your person, even if they are not yet registrated, and their communication in an intelligible form. In addition you have the right to receive, from Greencat SrL, information about the origin of your personal data; the objective and manners of treatment of your personal data; the applied reason in case of treatment carried out with the help of electronic instruments; the identification of the holder and of persons in charge of treatments; the indication of subjects or categories of subjects to which the personal data might have been communicated, or which might become aware, f.e. as persons responsible for the treatments. All those details can be found in the Privacy Police.

‘Art. 130, paragraph 4, Legislative Decree 196/2003’

We wish to point that the legislation on the protection of personal data admits that Greencat SrL, without necessity to acquire your expressed consensus, can use your data for direct sales activities of products similar to those you already have purchased, provided that you don’t refuse this use of your released email address.